Spiffy Joe Schmoe
Spiffy Joe Schmoe

About Spiffy Joe Schmoe

Our Mission

Spiffy Joe Schmoe LLC is a new janitorial solutions company created in 2019 to work in partnership with it's sister maintenance company, Handy Joe Schmoe LLC (est. 2018). While Handy Joe Schmoe delivers full-service commercial building maintenance and hands-on engineering services, Spiffy Joe Schmoe provides janitorial services tailored to meet the goals of owners, managers, and operators of Central Indiana real estate. Partnered together, the two companies are synergistic in communicating work needs, developing priorities, and delegating work to appropriate personnel. Together or separately contracted, the Companies Joe Schmoe emphasize forging relationships and partnerships to improve Central Indiana real estate. 

What's in a Name?

Yes, the name is intended to be light humored, but being “Spiffy” embodies a prideful attitude about presenting oneself with clean style and impact. “Joe Schmoe” (our smiley-headed mascot) represents the every-person that stays humble and seeks little attention while working diligently to complete important tasks. In all, Joe Schmoe represents his creators and company founders.

A Company and Industry Powered by People

We work in a people business, so our pride will be represented in how we hire and how we carry-out our mission to serve our clients. Given the founders of Spiffy and Handy Joe Schmoe have been working with, in, and around this people business for over 15 years, we have developed the relationships with suppliers and vendors to train and support our personnel, especially our supervisors. The large janitorial and maintenance companies spread their supervision labor over an obscene amount of accounts, sometimes as many as 30 or 50 accounts. In this scenario, no one building assigned to the supervisor is truly supervised for the details, leading to lapses in work, scattered results, and work quality with little to no improvement. The Companies Joe Schmoe build service offerings with a dedicated supervisor or project manager leading their on-site team towards completing a wide array of janitorial and maintenance tasks. Contact us today for a free estimate!

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